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January 2017
'Sunrise over barn, Home Farm Clifton'
Tei Williams

May 2017
'Church of St Peter & St Paul'
Judy Ward

September 2017
Deddington Farmers Market'
Lucy Williams

February 2017
'Lambs at Springtime, Clifton'
Lily Catling

March 2017
'Market Place, Deddington'
Mike Higgins

June 2017
'Church of St John the Evangelist'
Joanne Watts

October 2017
'A View to North Aston'
Amy Forster-Brain

July 2017
'Flowering Rapeseed at the Grove'
Meghan Squires

November 2017
'Reflections, Clifton'
Simon Lutter

April 2017
'Wisteria at Castle Dene'
Helen Spencer

August 2017
'Copse at Gaveston Gardens'
Isabella Murphy

December 2017
'Snowy Scene, Castle Street'
Becky Jones

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