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January 2018
'Library on a deserted High Street'
Anna Haynes

May 2018
'Rainbow over Deddington'
John Barron

September 2018
'Barley Field at Sunrise, Hempton'
Smy Forster-Brain

February 2018
'The Church from Earls Lane'
Becky Jones

June 2018
'View from Deddington Town Hall'
Jessie Williams

October 2018
'Sunrise towards Souldern, Clifton'
Tei Williams

March 2018
'The Chruch from the Tchure'
Chris Day

July 2018
'Wheat Field from Tythe Lane, Clfiton'
Jerry Hardwood

November 2018
'Early Morning on Leadonproch Farm'
Alison Wells

April 2018
'Springtime in Hempton'
Janets Watts

August 2018
'The Duke at Clifton'
Mike Higgins

December 2018
'Spectacular Ice, Philcote Street'
Geoff Todd

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