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January 2022.jpg

January 2022
'Rainbow over the Windmill Centre'
Heidi Fardell

May 2022.jpg

May 2022
'Dolphin House, Market Place'
Jessica Williams

february 2022.jpg

February 2022
'Sunset from the Hempton Road'
Simon East

June 2022.jpg

June 2022
'Deddington from the air'
Wilf Stoddart

March 2022.jpg

March 2022
'St James Farm, Clifton'
Nick Hardwick

July 2022.jpg

July 2022
'Sunset in the Tchure' 
Wilf Stoddart

April 2022.jpg

April 2022
'Practice drill at the Fire Station'
Ben Fenemore

August 2022.jpg

August 2022
'Cosy Lane'
Richard Broadbent

September 2022.jpg

September 2022
'Sunset over the Parish Church'
Becky Jones

October 2022.jpg

October 2022
'View from Castle Grounds to Clifton'
Helen Spencer

November 2022.jpg

November 2022
'Deddington War Memorial'
Helen Spencer

December 2022.jpg

December 2022
'Advent Window, Hopcraft Lane'
James O'Neill

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