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Jan 2019.jpg

January 2019
'A snowy aerial scene'
Colin Rennison

May 2019.jpg

May 2019
'The Church tower & Cherry Blossom'
Lucy Squires

September 2019.jpg

September 2019
'The Alms Houses, Chruch Street'
Ellen Williams

february 2019.jpg

February 2019
'A Robin amongst the buds of Spring'
Jerry Harwood

June 2019.jpg

June 2019
'View from Hempton Road'
Lucy Squires

October 2019.jpg

October 2019
''Denbigh Place, Clifton'
Mike Higgins

March 2019.jpg

March 2019
'Sunset over Spring Barley'
Ricahrd Chinn

July 2019.jpg

July 2019
'Rape Sedd and Blue Sky '
Amy Forster-Brain

November 2019.jpg

November 2019
'Rainbow over the Market Place'
Helen Spencer

April 2019.jpg

April 2019
'Castle End House in Spring'
Jerry Harwood

August 2019.jpg

August 2019
'Harvesting, Tithe Lane, Clifton'
Tei Williams

December 2019.jpg

December 2019
The Church Graveyard at sunrise'
Becky Jones

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